Policy Seminar

10 January 2024

Industrial projects in Canada, including nuclear, are highly dependent upon the policy atmosphere in which they are advanced. The governmental policies set the stage for developments by providing a range of tools such as subsidies, tax incentives, regulations and support for research and development. As nuclear activities are advancing quickly in Canada the policy environment is becoming increasingly important.  

This seminar will provide information regarding three different areas of policy work that CNA and the industry is tackling in 2024 and invite participants to engage with the experts working in each respective area. First, a discussion and update of potential pending changes on the federal Impact Assessment Act. Second, a presentation of early stages of work ongoing related to the nuclear labour force and human talent, along with policy research planned for the next year on this topic. And finally, a discussion regarding new work ongoing exploring the potential role of nuclear energy in the challenge of providing affordable, reliable solutions to the decarbonization of building heating. This last topic is exploratory at this stage, and we will provide a position paper in advance. The seminar will present the basis of the paper and focus on what policies may be necessary to advance this idea.