Regulatory Seminar

10 January 2024

In a world with finite resources, whether natural, capital or human, legislation and regulation of the application of intricate science and technology valuable to a large population needs to be well suited, continuously improved, optimized and well understood by all parties directly or non-directly interested considering the interconnected facets inherent to intricacy. Peaceful use of nuclear energy has proven to be one of the early instances of the application of intricate science and technology with invaluable long-term benefit to humanity when well-integrated in our societies. While humanity’s use of nuclear energy is at its infancy, its understanding has greatly evolved, and explicitly echoing this evolution between institutions, regulators, industry, and all interested parties is a responsibility owed to future generations and could prove to be a blueprint useful to other science/tech intricate applications. For this purpose, and to ensure ownership and involvement by all interested parties, the CNA2024 Regulatory Affairs will focus on the following ongoing / upcoming regulatory related topics:

1. CNSC regulatory framework updates and intra-federal
consideration of bio cumulative effects
2. Regulation and phase-out of persistent chemicals
3. SMRs and nuclear liability
4. ICRP review process and all hazards approach