Dave Tucker

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Dave Tucker

31 January 2024

Dave Tucker is the Chief Nuclear Officer and Associate Vice President Nuclear at McMaster University, home of Canada’s largest source of neutrons, the McMaster Nuclear Reactor. He is a nuclear industry professional with more than 36 years of experience in leadership roles in the Canadian and International nuclear sector focused on enabling research, nuclear facility operations and medical isotope production.

In his current role, Dave is responsible for the University’s suite of nuclear facilities, ensuring their safe and sustainable operation and deployment in pursuit of the University’s nuclear research and education priorities. He advances the University’s Strategic Research Plan by seeking out and establishing strategic partnerships related to the Nuclear Operations and Facilities (NOF) with public and private stakeholders, fostering external partnerships on behalf of the University and identifying opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations. He provides leadership of strategic initiatives that support the University’s nuclear research enterprise and serves as the liaison with federal, provincial and municipal government officials on nuclear related matters.

Dave is currently providing strategic leadership to several key nuclear initiatives including the feasibility study for the demonstration deployment of a micro-reactor at the heart of a net-zero community on the McMaster campus.

Prior to his appointment as McMaster AVPR (Nuclear), Dave most recently served as head of the Radiation Safety Technical Services at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria, leading the IAEA’s radiation safety and dosimetry services for its global operations. Dave previously served as McMaster’s Senior Health Physicist for over 19 years, managing comprehensive safety, licensing and regulatory affairs programs for McMaster.