Luca Ceccato

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Luca Ceccato

16 February 2024

As Vice-President of Refurbishment Execution at OPG, Luca is responsible for contributing to the goal of executing the Darlington Refurbishment Project on time and budget while executing with safety and quality. Luca supports the team’s initiative of creating a One Team culture that fosters collaboration towards common goals and is a key aspect of the success of the project.

Luca began his career in Maintenance as an Instrument and Control technician and progressed into various leadership roles while working at Bruce NGS, at Pickering NGS and finally at the Darlington Nuclear facility. He led the first Canadian Maintenance organization to an excellence designation in the nuclear industry while also achieving record efficiencies for the Darlington Maintenance department. Luca spent several years as the Director of Work Management at Darlington supporting numerous outages and aligning station work activities.

Luca currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Electrical Power Systems Construction Association.