Marcel Devos

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Marcel Devos

28 February 2024

Marcel Devos is serving as the Vice President of Innovation and Regulatory Affairs for Prodigy Clean Energy which is developing technology neutral transportable civil structure technologies to be able to deliver and operate SMRs of different types and sizes in remote regions both in Canada and around the world.

Prior to this role, Marcel spent over 15 years working for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to demonstrate the readiness of the regulatory framework for the deployment of Small Modular Reactors in Canada.  This included leading the managing the CNSC’s Vendor Design Review Program, developing regulatory documents and representing the CNSC at the IAEA (including the SMR Regulators’ Forum) in a number of areas safety topical areas including siting and design. Marcel has also done significant work internationally related to the development of requirements and guidance for siting and working with embarking countries to develop knowledge to inform their own regulatory frameworks.

Before joining the CNSC, Marcel developed his plant field experience in Operations Support at the Bruce Nuclear Power Development through reliability testing and plant documentation development.