Robin Manley

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Robin Manley

30 January 2024

Robin Manley is the President of Paradymshyft Nuclear Advisory Ltd.  Robin has spent over 30 years in the nuclear industry, including senior roles in new nuclear development, nuclear licensing, and radiation protection.   

From 2019 to 2022, Robin was Vice-President of New Nuclear Development at Ontario Power Generation, OPG, where she led the implementation of Small Modular Reactors.  In particular, Robin led OPG’s process to select a SMR technology partner and design for the Darlington New Nuclear Project. 

Prior to that, Robin was Vice-President of Nuclear Regulatory Affairs at OPG responsible for the licensing of OPG’s Pickering and Darlington nuclear generating stations and of all OPG’s nuclear waste facilities.   

At Paradymshyft, Robin provides support to many of Canada’s nuclear utilities and leading proponents of new nuclear power deployment, particularly in areas of nuclear technology selection and nuclear power licensing and impact assessment.