Rumina Velshi

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Rumina Velshi

23 January 2024

Rumina Velshi is a nuclear engineer who has worked in the nuclear sector for more than 40 years. Most recently, she served as President and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Canada’s nuclear regulator, from 2018 to October 2023.

Before that, she was a member of the CNSC Commission as well as the Ontario Energy Board.

Whilst at the CNSC, Rumina tirelessly advocated for greater international collaboration. Her efforts were recently recognized with her being presented with the first ever Icon of Nuclear award by the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation. 

Rumina’ s career in the energy sector began when she joined the old Ontario Hydro in the 1970s, and continued over several decades as an executive with OPG.

Following her recent retirement as President & CEO of the CNSC, Rumina has joined the board of Ottawa Hydro, the IAEA’s International Safety Advisory Group, has been appointed chair of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency High Level Group on Stakeholder Engagement and Trust, and has taken on several international energy companies as clients who she serves as a Strategic Advisor to the CEO and board.